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  • tip not calibrated message

    when i open the program i get a tip not calibrated message. is there any way to get it to tell me which one isnt calibrated? the program is over 25000 lines long with a massive amount of tips, so i dont want to have to write each one down and look to see if it is calibrated.

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    You could just calibrate all the tips

    EDIT: I mean, if you're using them in that program already...


    • Rush2112
      Rush2112 commented
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      I could, but that would take 2-3 hours. i'm using an analog scanning sensor so it takes a minimum of 25 hits to calibrate each position.

    • InspectorJester
      InspectorJester commented
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      My point is; if you're using any tips in a PC-DMIS program, it should be calibrated. If you calibrate all the tips you're going to use the message should go away

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    If that does not suffice; You can use the "Find" tool to search for the string "TIP/", and stroll through that list until you find the right one.


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      Not much of a shortcut but what I do. I keep my little binoculars as a quick button. Type the word Load, that will take me to each probe build in the program.


      Click my Calibration button. Click on Mark used and scroll over and look at the date of last calibration of highlighted angles.


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      • AndersI
        AndersI commented
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        ... and repeat for each LOADPROBE command (only once for each probe file).

        (oh, you already said that, tangentially)

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      I figured out that i could do the search while watching the settings toolbar to see which one came up with an asterisk.

      I was also able to figure out that i have 110 tip changes in the program.


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