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  • Autodev fol fil bol

    Can someone tell me what these letters are? F1 wasn't much help.
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    Automotive deviation letters, I=INBOARD, O=OUTBOARD, F=FOR, A=AFT, L=LOW, H=HIGH used to determine the feature from the car coordinate system.
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      Actually, the Help can many times be very helpful. Almost everything is described there, but it can be very tricky to find it.

      In the current case you saw the word AUTODEV on the report, and wondered what it was. Unfortunately, the AUTODEV word is not written as text anywhere in the Help, it's only there in a picture, which means even a complete word search will not find it :-(

      Now when we know it's called "Automotive deviation letters", it's easy to find the Help page:

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      • cowrevenge
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        Appreciated! I did try "autodev", haha.

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      Interesting. All dim's are showing up in red color including those in spec.
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      • Mike Ruff
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        I noticed that too. cowrevenge, you should go into Edit>Grahic Display Window>Edit Dimension Color and change your colors so good dims aren't red

      • cowrevenge
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        It goes to a black and white printer, and then into a cabinet that no one ever opens. I will fix it now though.

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      I opened up the demon today and changed nothing.... yet they are green now. I thought they were before, but now I am just confused. Actually ... the Autodev is gone too. It must be 2 different templates. Not sure why its switching back and forth though. Capture.PNG
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