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    The cable for my jogbox is not long enough (in my opinion).
    I tried to plug it in through like a 3ft USB extender, and then I couldn't connect with the machine (I removed the cable and since have been able to)
    But it was some cheap-o Amazon extender;

    I wanted to see if it was unsafe to try and extend the cable on my jogbox before I got one.
    Unfortunately there are no identifying marks on aforementioned jogbox to determine what kind it is...?

    So.. it's a big rectangle, with 4 buttons and a joystick, all black Nintendo64 plastic.

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    You don't have your equipment listed, but Hexagon uses proprietary cable which i don't think can be extended. Their older jogboxes were permanently attached to the cable too.


    • InspectorJester
      InspectorJester commented
      Editing a comment
      My jogbox is permanently attached to a USB cable, that connects to the back of our Optiv.
      I had the model of the jogbox somewhere around here...

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