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    We just received out new 7.10.7 CMM. It came with the Hexagon scanning head. We have never used a scanning head before and we will be going down for training but not for a month or so. When the tech set up the machine he gave no information on how it works or how to program it. Any information out there to help to get familiar with it so we can use it and get to know it while we wait for training?

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    Hi and welcome! There is a lot to scanning but to get started, if you have the probe built, calibrated, have a part programmed to CAD with an alignment, you can insert - scan - linear open - click start point, direction and end, click on parameters for find noms and relearn and it should scan the line. You will need the training on the different scans, dimensioning etc.
    Also in the auto features there are analog scan strategies for scanning bores etc.
    While waiting for your training experiment SLOWLY and investigate the help files. If ylou have not done any PC-Dmis training yet, wait until you are confident with programming.
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      I just had level 2 training and never used a scanning head before. I feel there is a lot to consider before you start scanning. Probably the number 1 thing is that crashing a scanning probe can be more expensive than a touch probe.

      If I were you, I'd use it as a touch probe ( very slowly) for now to get used of the size of the scanning head just to get some hours put on it programming. Once you get training, then all you need to focus on is the calibration and scanning features.


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        The autofeature scanning strategies are relatively easy to use - the idea is that they should 'work' out of the box...
        The plain scan commands can be much trickier.
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          To follow up with what Anders is talking about when you pick an auto feature click on the drop box as shown and click on Adaptive Circle Scan. This is only available when a scan probe is selected. I used circle as an example.


          There will be different choses for settings that will appear at the bottom. I highly suggest not changing the numbers until you get the proper training. You can click on the CAD model and you will see a solid scan line instead of points DCC only. You can give it a shot, but run it slow. You can use the scanning probe like your touch probes for manual alignment.

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