CPU usage during Execution is poor

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  • CPU usage during Execution is poor

    I’m executing a PCDMIS program that has a significant number of calculated features in it and I noticed that when it gets to that part of my PCDMIS code that my CPU usage is only about 10-20% on a Dual Core CPU. With that said I’m aware that the CPU usage won’t exceed 50% with PCDMIS running alone. Since PCDMIS is not a multi threaded application. 10-20% seems to be pretty poor considering the code it’s executing is purely computational.

    I also have the graphics window closed during execution to speed up the process.

    Are there any other tricks I missed?

    Mr. Comment
    SCIROCCO-NT 13-20-10
    B3C-LC Controller (Leitz Protocol), SP600M, TP200
    PCDMIS CAD++ v4.3 MR1(Build: 12/11/08)

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