communication bus general error and Power Circuit Failure

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  • communication bus general error and Power Circuit Failure

    Within the last few days, one of our CMM's has been throwing this error. I don't know what it means, but it won't just let me push the Machine Start button to clear it like other Emergency Errors. I have to close down PC-DMIS and completely turn off the CMM and start everything back up to clear it. After which it will run fine for a few hours, and after sitting for a while, this error will pop up again. Has anyone else encountered this error before? What could be causing it?

    Power Circuit Failure.jpg

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    I am getting the same error. Did you find a solution for this? TIA
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      I'd guess calling Hexagon is the right thing to do... "Emergency error" and "Power circuit failure" sound like some repair is needed.
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        This error happened when one of the boards in the controller went bad. We called Hexagon and they sent a tech out. It took her a few days to find the exact problem but yeah, you'll need to give Hexagon a call


        • Alex.Monteagudo
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          Do you know which board was replaced. I'm have Hexagon tech in looking at the machine now but looks like they cannot find which board is going bad. thanks

        • Mike Ruff
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          Sorry for the late response, but I don't know which board it was. She swapped out a few different components before the problem went away

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