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  • Measuring Spheres

    Does anyone measure spheres for diameter and location in 3.7MR3 using the autosphere feature? We calibrate our probe tips using a sphere so I wouldn't think that there would be an issue. I am measuring some outlet flanges on exhaust manifolds and I am getting some fishy results using the autosphere. The vector directions for each point doesn't look quite right either. I am just wondering if this is an effective tool to use in PCDMIS or if I should put in autopoints with my calculated vectors (pain in the rear to calculate). As a matter of fact, I have cheated by only finding the vectors for 3 points then rotating my datum and using the same three points. It would be more convenient to use the autosphere if it is accurate because I have several manifolds with different sizes of outlet flange spheres.

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    I use auto spheres a lot on partial segments and have had no issues with them. Most of the time the operators will double check the results on 1st part off and never vary more than a thou or two.

    I use V3.7MR3
    Xcel & MicroVal Pfx & Global 37mr4 thru 2012mr1sp3
    Contura Calypso 5.4

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      I use Auto Spheres almost daily and have no problems at all in 3.7 Mr3.



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        Thanks guys - just wanted to make sure that I wasn't working on something that is known not to work so well.

        oh yeah - BEER