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  • Direct CAD Interface-Solidworks-issues

    Does anyone else in here use SW models to write programs?

    When I import an IGES file, I can click around the holes and my Auto Circles and other features work just fine.

    But when I do the same thing in SW, the model seems hollow and when I click on it I select another feature 'through' the model, and this has rendered my Auto-features useless.

    Any suggestions? Comments? Anyone else experience this? Is this something that can be fixed within the SW model? Or could it be a translator issue? Or a DMIS 4.1 issue?

    Any help appreciated....thx

    Aaron Fenner
    Quality Engineer
    PC-Dmis v4.3
    B & S Global Status 7.7.7
    6 years xp 32-bit


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    Definately a translation problem. I sometimes get the same using Catia and UG iges files. Is there another program that you can translate through?
    Recently jumped from 3.5 Mr 2 CAD
    to 2012 CAD++


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