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  • Programming Surface Profile

    I need to capture a surface profile of an ID. To measure this feature I took a bunch of points and constructed a line. I also measured the radius for a separate drawing call out. When dimensioning, it will not let me select the constructed line or the radius that was measured but, it would let me select all the points I took. My question is, by selecting all of the points when building the feature frame, does it automatically construct a theoretical line and use that to check the profile?

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    Construct a feature set and profile that (another route)

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    • metz317
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      Awesome thank you. I'll give it a shot.

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    TK +1

    To add to that... when you construct features from points it uses a fitting algorithm to construct the feature, which will usually yield a different profile result than profiling the points as a set or individually.
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    • tking
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      Don't know that there is a "better". The set constructions just define the points as a group to check for conformance to the profile callout (CAD as master).

    • Max Tasty
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      Better is a relative term. If you're checking a discrete profile of a surface then I'd use points or a set because it will usually represent the actual surface deviation better. Once you start constructing features you're introducing an equation that can alter the deviation and location based on how it's solved by the program and what fitting algorithm you choose, i.e. LSQ, MIC, MCC, etc.

    • InspectorJester
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      This is the explanation I was looking for!

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