Ver 2018 R1 SP1 use or don't use??

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  • Ver 2018 R1 SP1 use or don't use??

    Question for those of you that are using 2018. Would you recommend installing it?? I looked on this forum and do not see much in the way of comments.
    We are using 2016.0 and it will not calculate bonus on LMC, so we are looking to update. Not sure if i should just go to the latest of 2017 first and wait for any issues in 2018 to be fixed.
    What are the issues you have if any?
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    2017 R2 is a version that I really like. It is pretty stable and runs smooth on my computer. As I'm sure you know, having a good video card and enough RAM are key. The only complaint most people have about it is that the icons changed. IMO, they look rather cheap and un-thought out when they were perfectly fine before. If you can look past that (it only took my a day) you should like 2017.

    2018 I haven't tried yet. Can't give you any input.

    2016 should calculate bonus tolerance...are you using XACT or legacy?
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      using xact.
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      • #4 had a lot of problems with 2018R1SP1 on a config close to mine, so I didn't test it !

        As Dan said, 2017 R2 is stable, I think SP5 was more stable than SP7...


          Editing a comment
          It seems though that one of the issues I have is very isolated to certain systems (can be found in my 2018 R1 SP1 thread). The icons have been re-done - colorwise - to easier distinguish between the different features (auto/learned/construction). Also seen some dimensions not updating correctly (or at all), but does after a run or two. Some errorhandling (you shouldn't be able to do something, but you can do it anyway which results in an error that crashes PC-DMIS) is missing. All reports saved to PDF (unsure about the other formats) are saved with CAPITAL LETTERS.

          I haven't found anything (yet) that have made me stopped using it.

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        I was in the same position as you last week William Johnson I've opted to play it safe and stick with 2017R2 until I hear more about 2018
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