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  • surface profile part II

    I have gathered all the points necessary for this surface profile callout.
    I primarily used UV scans and the "To Points" button. I now have roughly 1500 individual points.
    A couple of things I don't fully understand...
    1) Each UV scan generated all the individual points I was looking for, and also created a "SCN#" in the edit window as well. Do I include the "SCN#" in the list of features selected for the dimensioning?
    2) Dimensioning- I've seen some suggest using "T" value. Exactly how do I use that with my 1500 or so points? Is it the one found by clicking on "Location" selecting the "T" checkbox? Anything else to check in there?
    3) Dimensioning Profile- Do I select the "Surface Profile" dimensioning tool, then select all the 1500 or so points, give them all a tolerance, check Forma dn Location, then 'OK'?

    Not really sure EXACTLY what to do with all these points.
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    Well, lets see here......
    1) If you have 1500 individual points, you can construct a feature set using all of them, then PROFILE the set, using the FORMANDLOCATION and your tolerance, so I don't think you would include the SCN# as part of the set. OR, you might only need to include the SCN# in the set, not the 1500 individual points. The biggest problem with this method is that it will be harder to pinpoint the problem areas.

    2) YEP, dimension, location, and then the T axis

    3) This is the same as using the "T" from the dimension, location thingie. If they are indivdual points, you will get the same results, they will just show up with a different axis designation, M instead of T, I think it is.

    That many points sounds like over-kill to me, unless you are reverse engineering the thing, I sure hope you don't have to check many parts like this!
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      dimension the profile of the SCN. the deviation of the SCN should match the deviation of your worst point.


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        To start, create a feature set from all 1500 points, but points only. Then under profile, select form only and put your tolerance in the plus box if there isn't any datum callouts in the profile FCF. Otherwise, if there are datums, use them for the alignment and select form and location. Then put half your tolerance in the plus and half in the minus unless otherwise stated on the print.

        If you select Textual analysis in the lower right hand corner, it will list all 1500 points. Also, if you select Graphical analysis in the lower right hand corner, it will display all 1500 points. You can turn these on after the run if you need further analysis of the profile
        PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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