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  • Screens gone WILD!

    I'll probably be embarassed as to how easy the answer will be but...

    How do I get my screen to go back to having the Program Edit Window on the left of my screen and the Graphics Display Window on the Right of my screen?

    Today, I came in to work and the Graphics Display Window is on the bottom of the screen and the Program Edit Window is on the Top. I cannot see enough of the Graphics like this but I also possess not the know-how to get the Windows back to left and right.

    Thanks again for your help.
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    You will have to play around with it.. Double click on the left side of the edit window ( where it says edit window this should allow you to move it around
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      Sounds like someone changed your docking view button. If you right click while on the edit window you will see docking towards the bottom. unclick this and you can move it around. Also if you want it docked just grab the edit window and pull it to where you want it. You need to grab the title bar near the x in the edit window. Hope this helps
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