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    Had my boss ask me, on top of the other billions of projects I have to do as the engineers sit back and talk about golf, to check to see the pro and cons of the software from PCDMIS that will transfer from a CMM program to a CNC to check the part while it's still in the fixture. Does anyone have any details, suggestions any comments of this super software.

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    You will obviously need some new hardware if you want to check a part when in the mill/machining centre.
    The only con is the price.
    I beleive that this is the future of machining/inspection.
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      Contact on this board

      Talk to Jan

      I got some good info from him.

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        Originally posted by Boomer View Post
        Talk to Jan

        I got some good info from him.



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          went to an interveiw with a big name company I won't mention name they were making close tolerance parts had probes for cnc tried to use it to eliminate cmm. Well when i was their they were getting a demo on a faro gage arm that should tell something about the accuracy if it worked so good why would you keep looking at other things
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            Where do you want me to start???????

            yes, I use the PC-DMIS/NC product exclusively. I started a year ago with V4.0 and I have 3 machines up and running. Working on 15 more.

            The first thing to ask though: What does the boss want to accomplish? In my view there are typically 3 things people want to do:

            1: use probe to update offsets so you can make parts more accurately. My opinion: although you can use PC-DMIS NC for this, it is very expensive and for just this task, it is too unwieldy. Use Renishaw Inspection plus or Productivity Plus or another one of the slew of products that are out there to accomplish this.
            2: compare scan data to a model. PC-DMIS is really good at this! But there are again other fine products out there that can do this too, like Renishaw OMV and Delcam. I have no experience with this though.
            3: buy hardware off at the machine. This is what we are doing, and we found PC-DMIS meets the requirements for this application. And yes, Kass, we do eliminate some inspection doing this. However, if they say that you will eliminate CMM's, they have NO clue what they talk about. CMM's have a very important function, and that will remain always the case. However, on machine gauging (OMG) can give you a higher confidence level so that not ALL part have to go over the CMM anymore or you can increase the sample intervals. The payback comes when you start to elimate some (and I did not say ALL) inspection steps from the process. And we find that to be very realistic.

            PM me if you want to know more.

            PC-DMIS/NC 2010MR3; 15 December 2010; running on 18 machine tools.
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