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  • XACTMEASURE/ legacy and positions

    why are my position measurements different using xact and legacy?

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    can't enlarge the pix, too small to see, BUT

    Fit to Datums and/or Datum Shift would be my guess.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      they are set the same


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        Because of the fundamental difference in how they work.

        Legacy requires you to be within the correct alignment as well as workplane when reporting your positional tolerances.

        XACT aligns for you in the background based off of the FCF its evaluating.

        Accuracy could be skewed by the size as well a condition of the datums you're aligned to. Also, XACT handles bonus tolerance differently and actually evaluates datum shift properly per the Y14.5M standard unlike legacy.

        I use primarily legacy but I do so carefully & properly and have gotten fairly good results throughout the years
        Beep beep beep..


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          how do I make it so it can be seen?
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            Originally posted by MikeF View Post
            how do I make it so it can be seen?
            use the snip tool just on the area of the report window we need and post that. Should be large enough.

            Then just copy and paste your code into the forum. If you click on the big A at the top of the reply window and then click on the # symbol that will wrap your code and make it easier for us to read.


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              What you are doing is WRONG!
              #1 Legacy cannot perform bonus SHIFT
              #2 FCF can use bonus shift, BUT all items to A|B(M)|C(M) callout need to be evaluated SIMULTANEOUSLY

              FCF will automatically shift all allowences to give the BEST possible result for the position. Pay attention to the information that alerts you of how much shifting was performed for each axis/rotation. Legacy shifts nothing and reports based on the datum structure as is.


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