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    I have 2 faces, (as the outside of a slot clevis) defined as datum A. I summize it is the theoretical midplane passing in space through the center of these 2 actual faces. The inside of the slot faces are called out symmetrical w/in .010 to A. Anyone know the way to dimension (Report) this?
    I am struggling I have made feature sets and constructed planes and dimensioned this to that and that to this with no success.

    Insanity is setting in. Any direction is greatly appreciated.
    sigpicThanks a Millionth

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    I am assuming that -A- is parallel to these surfaces.
    Why not create a plane on each surface and then dimension symetry on each back to -A-?
    Lately, it occurs to me
    What a long, strange trip it's been.

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      Top model of the link similar to the general idea?

      Or did each face reference the datum separately?

      Would make the midplane of the two outsides as datum, level and origin to it, then do the midplane of the insides and use min/max (feature callout) as the bilateral symmetry tolerance. If to each face separately- the distance of each plane's min/max as the bilateral symmetry tolerance.

      This of course ignores the symmetry dimmension in pc-dmis, but that is hit or miss.

      Tom H>


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