Lost a lot of work zipping a program

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  • Lost a lot of work zipping a program

    I just finished a nice program this morning which I've been working on for the last 2 days. The program was written in V4.1 offline using a step model.

    I had a question for our local rep so he asked me to zip a copy of the program and the cad file and e-mail it to him.

    I did that then copied the program to the network using explorer, to run it on the machine.

    When I opened the program only a small portion was there; so I went back to the offline seat to re-save it to the network. Again only a portion of the program remains.

    It seems as if when I zipped the file everything reverted back to the date the file was created; so I lost the work from yesterday and this morning.

    Has anyone ever seen this before?

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    I take it you had no backup of the program before you zipped it. I don't use the 4.x version but never had a problem with zip in 3.5
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      Are you sure you didn't save a copy in one location and then save to another after that? I've done that in the past.

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        No problem in the past

        I've used versions from 3.2063 to 4.1 and never encountered this before.

        I searched my hard drive, checked the zip file, and everywhere else I can think of. Every copy of the program is the same, 2 days lost.

        I think I'm going to cry!


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          Is there an auto save copy ?
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