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    I have a few questions regarding analysis reporting. I kind of get the idea of what it does, but, I have never needed to use it before now. I would like to have a graphic of my analysis view to show up automatically in my report showing the graphical deviations so that I can show direction of a surface.

    Does anyone use this feature, or know how to get me started? I also noticed that there was an option for histogram. That could be kind of useful at some point. If anyone has any ideas or tips, it would be greatly appreciated.

    I plan on using 3.5 MR2 for this.


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    I use often use analysis in my reports for indicating things like the direction a bolt circle is off or for analyizing roundness of a bore. I often read that a CMM is not a good choice for checking bores, but after talking with B&S and running repeatability/accuracy tests to determine the minimum number of hits that seem to work, I'm quite satisfied with it.

    We're also running 3.5 Mr2 so... My experience (very little with CMM at this point) has been to take the necessary number of hits on a feature to allow use of the analysis function. Click "Insert", "Report Command", "Analysis". When the analysis window opens, go to the dimensions list and pick the feature you want to capture to your report, choose "graphical" and enter a number for the graphical multilier to determine the size of the analysis arrows in your report. Then click "View window" to open the analysis window. There are four buttons here, so to save to the report click "Options" and "Save Graphics to report". You will not see the results in the report until the "Display metafile" line in the program is marked. You can name the analysis display by entering the name between the two sets of quotation marks on this line in your report.

    Hope my inexperienced mumblings are of some help to you.
    Just a scooter pilot


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