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  • Z axis counter balance

    Could someone supply me with a picture of the regulator for the Z axis counter balance for a B&S Excel 9 15 9? Is it located on the X axis?

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    your name rules

    sorry dont have the pic you need, just wanted to state the above



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      hah thanks

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    Kp61dude! - Locate a knob on the right side towards the back of the X axis rail/beam. Hold the Z with your hand and turn that knob about a 1/4 turn or until you hear a 'click'. That knob adjusts the Z counterweight so try to adjust it back as best as you can after turning it.
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      Awesome thanks


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        Be carefull, KIRBSTER269 is talking about a Global, not an Excel...
        I can't remember where it was on a Chameleon, but I would say it was at the bottom of the Z axis...


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          yeah, I don't see a knob anywhere on X axis on our Excel. I do see it on our Global now though, so that's good to know.


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            Sorry, Just passing info from prior problems people have talked before. I don't have an excel. Thought maybe the info might help but I guess it didn't.

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            no worries, I appreciate the info

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          You have to remove the right cover for that machine. Cover located on the right (when standing in front and facing the CMM) on the X Rail/Beam.
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            There's your answer

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