Looping Is 3.7mr1 a female version?

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  • Looping Is 3.7mr1 a female version?

    I've never tried this with pcdmis but it's pretty easy with calypso, voyager, and measuremind.

    I have 9 parts fixtured in a 3 x 3 array. I inserted a loop command for Y 3 times. Just below that I inserted another loop command for 3 times in X. Then I measured the features for the first part and followed with an end loop command. Seemed like a logical thing to try to me. I ran it and it went trough all 9 parts just like I hoped it would.

    Then I went back and added distance measurements for my feature within the loop and added statistical commands to dump the data into qc-calc all of which within the loop except the always save stats to file thing which I added right after the machine alignment stuff in the beginning.

    I run the program again and it measures all 3 parts in Y and it moves to my move point to clear the fixture, dumps everything into qc-calc and stops.

    Oh the move point I added afterwards also after the loop end command.

    Did I approach this the right way anyone?

    I'm fairly new with pcdmis in that it isn't all that infrequent that I find myself trying something for the first time.

    Thanks for any help guys.

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    If you take out the qc-calc dump does it work correctly?
    It worked before adding the code, yet does not after. Try removing what you added to see if it works. It narrows down what may be causing this.


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      PM me for QC-calc info specific to PC-Dmis. I'd post it, but it's about 6 megs.
      It's available from Prolink.


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        I do not know qc calc issue but 2 loops need 2 loop/ends


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          two loop ends

          That might just be my problem!!
          I will try it tomorrow morning.
          I wondered about that also but it didn't look right to me.

          I will try that, it makes sense but when I pull up the loop ending command it doesn't ask or say which one you want to end. There is no indication of which one oh does it go in reverse order?
          There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who can count in binary and those who can't."


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            None of this should have anything to do with QCCalc. If you have stats(on your dongle) then the only thing you should have to worry about is turning stats on and that's it.

            The hangup might be your xstat11 file being corrupted.
            Links to my utilities for PCDMIS


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              When doing loops I generally use two seperate loops. 1st loop for the X locations ending with the end/loop. Then 2nd loop for Y locations after that, ending with its own end/loop. I wouldn't insert a loop within a loop.
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                You may want to post your code here so the guru's can see it to help you better and welcome to PC DMIS land....you poor soul lol
                Since I gave up hope I feel much better !!!


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                  In order to do an array type loop(3x3 or 10x10) you need a loop within a loop
                  it will cycle through to inside loop until finished
                  then cycle outside loop --cycle inside loop until finished then cycle outside loop again untill outside loop is completed

                  a cut from a program
                  you can actually run 1 piece or as many as can be fixtured
                  you're last alignment before going into the loop is critical

                  ************************************************** ************

                  COMMENT/OPER,NO,operator sets number of pieces to cycle loop with input
                  C10 =COMMENT/INPUT,YES,'How many pieces in each column do you wish to inspect?'
                  C4 =COMMENT/INPUT,YES,'how many times to run each column'
                  V2 =LOOP/START, ID = YES, NUMBER = C10.INPUT, START = 1, SKIP = ,
                  OFFSET: XAXIS = 0, YAXIS = 57.5, ZAXIS = 0, ANGLE = 0
                  V1 =LOOP/START, ID = YES, NUMBER = C4.INPUT, START = 1, SKIP = ,
                  OFFSET: XAXIS = -51.2, YAXIS = 0, ZAXIS = 0, ANGLE = 0
                  program code
                  DIM LOC2= LOCATION OF CIRCLE LH_R7 UNITS=MM ,$
                  R 7.00 7.03 0.10 0.10 0.03 0.00 -----#---
                  END OF DIMENSION LOC2
                  ************************************************** ******************edited to show beginning and end of looping


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                    And the winner is? RichP
                    There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who can count in binary and those who can't."


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                      Thanks guys
                      There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who can count in binary and those who can't."


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                        it is good to be helpfull an opportunity to give back

                        and a thanks to all the people out there

                        I just did a search for something I do not use often and it was Matt H that had the answer from a while back

                        I owe a lot of my knowledge to the guys on this board

                        Thanks to everyone who has responded over the years!


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                          Originally posted by kite005 View Post
                          And the winner is? RichP
                          Originally posted by kite005 View Post
                          Thanks guys
                          Does this mean we can talk about beer now?


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                            Originally posted by Goodluck View Post
                            Does this mean we can talk about beer now?
                            Please, do!

                            sigpicHave a homebrew


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                              Hey - The history of beer was on History channel again last night - I caught about thirty minutes of it. It was very interesting - I think I'll by the dvd and watch the whole thing.


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