HELP!!": Nominals & Hit Points Changing

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  • HELP!!": Nominals & Hit Points Changing

    I think a PC-DEMON lives inside my computer!!! I have a program wherein the nominals and hit points of one feature and ONE FEATRUE only change upon execution.

    The program is translted from UMESS-UX and I discovered the change initially when running the program in the offline simulator. I found the possible ause for this self-modification to be the prescence of the recal of an incorrect alingment just prior to the measurement of the feature. I made the necesssary alignment recall adjustnment and restoreed the original values for the feature from the native program. I saved and closed the program and even closed PC-DMIS. Then I re-opened the program and verified the correct values for the affected area of the program.

    Upon execution of the program the values for the alingment recall and the nominal and hit points reverted to the incorrectness again.

    I have attached the protion of the code in which this happening in a MSword document. I have included the code as it should be and the code as PC-'DEMON???' insists it has to be.

    I appreciate any input on what I may need to do to correct this.


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