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    Hi bro's,
    Am very new to this forum and also very new for creating checksum value for a program too.Prior to this company i have never generated check sum values for a prgm. In present company they have the method of creating checksum value and sending both prgm and that checksum value to the customer.
    Here is my question, in hurry we have created the program and generated the checksum and it sent it to the customer, bt now we have some corrections in that program, so can anyone help on this after doing the corrections how can i generate the same checksum for the same program. has anyone faced on this?, if so pls give me any ideas.
    Thanks in advance.

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    How are you generating the checksums?

    As for your question, there's no way to generate the same checksum for a modified program - the whole point with checksums is to verify that the program hasn't been tampered with.
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      Changes are bound to happen, to maintain the routine. Fixture wear, tooling changes, improvements... You should work with management and customer to determine a method of tracking revision history and configuration management of the routine code.


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        You can generate a checksum for a master program that you never run (have it read-only). Anytime you need to run it, you'd need to make a copy of it and run that. Verify the checksum on the copied program to know that it indeed is an unmodified copy of the master. Then run the copy. The checksum will NOT match the executed program once you save the copy (after execution) though. But you can still ensure that the copy you ran (or at least opened) matched the master.
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          ya, i know that if we open the program once the checksum value will change, but i just verified if any ideas are there. Thank you.