Graphic Display without Tolerance Lines????

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  • Graphic Display without Tolerance Lines????

    In PC-DMIS 2014.1 and earlier a graphic could be created in the graphics window without the tolerance lines being present essentially cleaning up the graphic for a better view. It would take having to change the report window to Graphical Analysis Report Window, going to the item that is out of tolerance, right clicking, select edit object, uncheck show lines between measured hits, uncheck show tolerance lines, press ok, then going back to the Text Report Window, turn off Text Report Window, go back to the item that was out of tolerance, then turn on the CADGRAPH . Now, in PC-DMIS 2016 SP10 a graphic can not be created without the tolerance lines. Does anyone know how to achieve a graphic without the Tolerance Lines? Is it somewhere in the system editor? The only way a cleaned up graphic can be achieved is to save the program back to PC-DMIS 2014.1. Any advice will be much appreciated.

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    I generally have to turn it off in the Analysis section of the Report menu - I think it's insert...Report...Analysis, select the dim, select graphical, the go to show options and checking/unchecking how you want it to look. I forget if I then have to create the view then delete it or not.

    Sorry for being vague, it's one of those things I can remember as I'm doing but am having a hard time mentalizing....


    • DJAMS
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      ^^^This is it. Click the "view window" button, and choose options menu from the window that opens.

      This method turns off display of tolerance lines for all dimensions in the program.

    • BravePCDMIS
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      Thank you so much for your help. I have created a sequence for the rest of the CMM Group to follow.

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