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  • Catia V4 DCI ?

    Was curious if anyone uses Catia V4 DCI.
    Turns out we have been paying for it for years now on three portlocks.
    Have never used it as far as I know.
    We do have Catia V4, but it is on a unix system.
    Is it possible to use PC D-MIS Catia V4 DCI when Catia V4 is on a networked unix system?
    How do V4 models come in anyway? wire frame? surfaces? How useful is a V4 model in PC D-MIS?

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    The nice thing about a "DCI" or direct cad interface is you dont have to transmutilate your models from Catia v4 to PCDMIS CAD, you will access your models directly through the Catia v4 application for PCDMIS programming, also all of the algorithims for calculating vectors and points of the cad will happen using CATIA as well. The point of this is to eliminate translation error. The down fall of the DCIs are that you will have to have a free license of Catia v4 when programming with your model.

    Go to the Wilcox website and download the setup instruction for Direct CAD Interfaces and Translators. Its about a 1.5MB pdf download that covers both DCI and DCT options.

    Also your CATIA v4 on a UNIX server is not a problem.
    Mr. Comment
    SCIROCCO-NT 13-20-10
    B3C-LC Controller (Leitz Protocol), SP600M, TP200
    PCDMIS CAD++ v4.3 MR1(Build: 12/11/08)


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