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    I think I asked this questions befor ebut can't remeber. I need to put a point at the tangent point where a radius and a line intersect. I have tried all the points but I keep getting the point in the center of the radius. I need the tangent point where they meet. Point 3 is where the point keeps going. I hope I uploaded the picture.Any help would be great.

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    construct a pierce point of line to circle

    if it gives you the wrong side, flip the vector of the line or const a reverse line then pierce it
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      You can zero the circle, rotate to the line, then create an offset point from the circle in the direction of the tangent point by the radius of the circle. You can put in any number for the offset then create a variable with the circle's radius and replace the offset number in the point with the variable.


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        Create a pierce point with the line and circle, if the point goes to the wrong side of the circle then create the line in the opposite direction.
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          Maybe intersect point @ line and radius??
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