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    My current company is the first company where I have had this issue. Any program that I begin writing automatically opens up a window labeled "Marked Sets". The "programmer" that used to be here marked sets in cases of not wanting to preform a manual alignment. I use controlling pairs to allow the operator to skip a manual alignment (yes/no comment, followed by an if/end if statement). Why is it that any program I open on this machine (including programs that I start, or have written) automatically opens the marked sets window, and is there a way to shut it off in a way that will prevent it from popping back up without having to go through the "View-Other Windows-Marked Sets" dropdown pathway? In other words, I want someone to HAVE to take the other way to open the marked sets window.

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    By the "having to go through the "View-Other Windows-Marked Sets" dropdown pathway" part i think you are talking about the offline station or the online mode of PC-DMIS on the machine's computer.
    I say "interesting" because i have marked sets on all of my programs and whenever i open a program on my offline station or in the online mode on one of the machines' PCs it is a very rare occasion when the marked set is shown from the start.
    I too would like to know if there is a ON/OFF general switch to the marked sets
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      I don't have an offline seat at current, so all programs are written online. I have never programmed offline, but I have also never had this issue with any of the other CMM's that I have programmed on.