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  • 2013 MR1 Complaints

    Hello! Don't be fooled by the title!
    Running PC-DMIS 2013 MR1 SP5
    So I'd like to lodge a complaint!

    Just kidding but I do have questions to make my programming experience a little easier.

    I am the only one who programs the CMM. The way management sees it, a single person cost the company more than a whole department. They really don't like throwing money at me like I'm asking them to, but hear me out!

    All I'm looking for is a decent computer running x64, preferably windows 10 but definitely not 8, 12 Gb of RAM, and shoot, the graphics card we have (NVIDIA Quadro 600) should be good enough!
    But my requests are put on the back burner, as usual.

    But it's really causing some problems!!!

    The CMM likes to crash with the "HSI Unknown Motion Error" Or "Machine Error" or whatever. Alright, hit play (enter) and it'll go like nothing happened. Okay... Fine!

    But I got a new one, it said something along the lines (I didn't get a screenshot unfortunately) of "This process could not be completed because the program is waiting for another process to complete".
    I've never seen this before! (We recently got a new AV, skyrockets memory usage, approx. 75% usage when idle!) I would imagine this to be the culprit.

    I feel like it would be an easier sell to say hey boss, I need a new PC, versus hey boss, the entire company infrastructure needs to shut down for a day so we can get new anti virus again, because this one sucks!

    On that note...
    Any tips on making the CMM PC more memory-friendly? I would love to just install a really lite version of Windows (like IoT or something) and have PC-DMIS on there and that's it. Then the memory isn't getting eaten up by background processes and things I'm not using on there anyway.
    I recently stumbled upon a post where I could more or less completely strip down Widnwos to its bare essentials and make everything faster, like disabling Aero themes and such.

    Any good ways to get the upgrades I'm looking for? I'm not very persuasive since I'm the only one here!

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    There isnt a secret here my friend. Its all about having the right equipment to do the job.

    The specs of your computer MUST EXCEED the minimum operating requirements for PC DMIS or you will experience extreme software instability. This is true for any software being run on any PC.
    SF7107(PCD), SF454(PCD), 152614(Quindos), 9159(Quindos), 7107(Quindos), B&S Manual, M&M Gear Checker


    • InspectorJester
      InspectorJester commented
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      I didn't need to be an IT guy before this to know that minimum required doesn't mean the software will work right! Why have a couple thousand dollar machine if outdated software and crappy hardware bottleneck production? It takes about twice as long to write a program just because of lag. That doesn't even factor in the various other wonky happenings that get in my way...

    • DAN_M
      DAN_M commented
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      I hear ya brother, it sucks to fight with people who don't know what they're taking about


      The above link is to Hex's page where it shows the system requirements for 2013. Tell your boss that if your computer doesn't at least exceed everything on this list then you're wasting time trying to program stuff.

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    Even if you get a computer that exceeds the requirements, you will have PC-DMIS crashing. Maybe not so much, but it will happen. They have done a marvellous job in stabilizing the software compared to the older versions. Some versions are more crashprone than others.
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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      Your hopeful takeaway from this post:

      Get more RAM, more hard-drive space, and ensure your video card is proper. Then and only then will you have a fighting chance at battling the demon.
      SF7107(PCD), SF454(PCD), 152614(Quindos), 9159(Quindos), 7107(Quindos), B&S Manual, M&M Gear Checker


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        Thanks guys, as always you've been very helpful


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