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  • Iterative Alignment Question

    CAD is CAR Body position. I will be using iterative alignment for set up. I will probably not use the datum s for the initial alignment then make another alignment using the datum features. 3 datum targets on different planes for level ( Datum A ),
    A diameter and a point for rotate ( Datum s B and C ) and Datum B diameter for origin.
    My question is, for measurements to Datum A, B, C that follow, did the iterative alignment use the 3 datum A points to assist in setting the origin for that axis ( X axis )? Or did it only use X axis information from coming from the datum B diameter which I defined as "origin" in the iterative alignment?
    I can understand that orientation to CAR Body is correct, what about location?

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    If your Datum A targets are 1,0,0 (or -1,0,0) or thereabouts, then yes, they are what set the X axis origin. The level axis also sets the origin (offset to keep car position) for that axis.

    Rotate and Origin axes seem to know the difference between plane/line/point and plane/circle/circle when setting origin.
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    • bpierce
      bpierce commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for your word on it.
      I will proceed as planned with no further adjustment to the alignment.

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