Align Star probe @ 90

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  • Align Star probe @ 90

    How do I rotate the star probe , so that the tips are straight up and down at A90B0 posistion? See attachment

    PCDIMIS 3.5 R2
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    Sorry wrong picture

    Here is the correct picture
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      Sorry about that I read the original post too fast..
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        Sorry about the hi-jack in process on the linked thread. The answer to your question is to loosen tip #1, the one facing you in your photo, or the one pointing down at A0B0, this will allow the portion of the star probe holding the other 4 tips to rotate. This is a bit touchy to retighten and keep them exactly square, but with some trial and error it can be done. HTH
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          Looks like the same problem I used to have when my former employer would buy the cheap star probe knuckles that are fixed and don't rotate around tip one.

          Our solution?

          We used paper washers between the tip extension to allow use to get the probe to align to the right direction. Basically cut a small piece of paper (square, circle, what ever) and poke a small hole big enough for the extension thread between the TP2 and the shank.

          Do I recommend doing this? No, it sucks. Loses up to easy, in my opinion it's not accurate too.

          Spend the cash and get one of the knuckles that rotates around tip 1 if this sounds like your problem.
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            Do you have the renishaw part number for the rotating knuckles?Thanks


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              Doesn't the tip rotate if you loosen the joint just below the star?
              The stars that I have do.
              When in doubt, post code. A second set of eyes might see something you missed.


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