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  • PC-Dmis Catia Translator Help

    Hello everyone... we have a catia translator for PC-Dmis, and I was wondering if anyone understands how or has ever brought in catia that has customer specified points? We have tried every option that we can see, but to no avail. Sometimes we get a dot where the point should be, but that point does not have any entities that generate the point when clicked on. We have used STEP files that have this capability, and to my understanding, Catia has the same. Any help or input would be appreciated

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    I have imported such points as DES points
    can that be done?
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      I always exported the catia as iges and used it


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        we have also used DES and also igs, but our CAD department wants to utilize the CATIA translator and bypass CAD from having to handle the point outputs.


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          I don't use either but I could offer these ideas

          just a thought ....did you try "wire frame" to capture the points needed in the model? They might show when selected this way.

          Another option would be to have ENG output the critical points separately and merge that with the main CAD file. You might have to make each import a separate layer to select between the two.
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            Points on CATIA files

            We are currently programming offline to CATIA v5 files. The customer has put POINTS on the CAD to indicate where holes will be. As you stated, these have no immediate use, but you need the info. In CATIA they contain the XYZ and Vector Values. In order to use them, or to get the data from them, if you open Vector Point, then drag a box around the point, ensuring only 1 point is selected, click on Create, this will then give you a Vector Point with the XYZ,IJK of the point. You can then use this info for Holes, or any other feature you need to create.
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