How do I export values into a csv file?

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  • How do I export values into a csv file?

    I'm running PcDmis 2016 sp9... I can get it to export an excel file in a csv format, but none of the values from the points I took show up in the file. Only the headers and some of the profile dimensions (deviation, max/min etc)... I'm looking to try to get the xyz values for each hit took to this format. Help?
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    The excel export is like the report - it only shows dimensions.

    You can try the File -> Export -> Generic... to get a csv file with the possibility to output features too, but this command can't be automated.
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      Construct a point cloud feature from all the features you want the individual hits for, then use the point cloud operator|export to send them to a .XYZ. Then it's easy to macro/script the XYZ file to give you what you want.


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        Here is a great thread to start with:


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