PC-DMIS 2017 SP3- Execution window

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  • PC-DMIS 2017 SP3- Execution window

    Anyone notice, and/or know how to change, the behavior of the execution window during probe qualification and scan execution to stay " Always On Top"?

    It's really annoying that the execution window forces itself always on top during these events, while it's perfectly fine hiding behind other windows during normal program execution (Ctrl U, Ctrl E, Ctrl Q).

    Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Close your eyes
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      Thanks for that wonderful insight Kirby.

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      VinniUSMC well you know I will always try to help, but a smarta$$ remark is required first. I looked a little into Settings editor, haven't found nothing really in there, except you can hide your skip and jump buttons, making it a smaller box. That's all I got for now. I did find something interested, but that goes on a different post.

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    Well its been several years. Anyone figure this out? Or does Hexagon not care that people don't like it?


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