leitz controller wont finish boot cycle

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  • leitz controller wont finish boot cycle

    Lately our machine '05 Global Image 9128 with a leitz controller is having trouble finishing its boot routine....

    It will normally take about 2-3min's max to finish its cycle but not lately...

    Now it will show all solid lights on the hand control pendant with the exception of the machine start that just flashes 3short 1long .....3short 1long (error code???) and hangs without the familier "click" inside the controller and lights turning off on the pendant waiting for the operator to press machine start to get things rolling.

    We have had B&S here 3 times and swapped out the hand pendant, the logic power supply, the logic board, adjusted both air pressures XY and Z, checked continuity of the switches on main control, replaced the low air fault e-stop sulinoid (sp?) .

    this type of symptom will go away for about 3-4 weeks then return for no apparent reason.

    The way we found to get it started is to quickly switch the KEY on the controller off/on/off/on about 3 times and then it will boot finally. I initially thought this was a switch problem but they checked it and found it fine.

    ANY SUGGESTIONS???? we are perplexed to say the least
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    We had a similar problem with our Leitz B3C controller about 6 months ago. We had been using the key (marked as 'CONTROL') to turn the controller on and off also. When Brown & Sharpe came in they discovered the key switch was worn and not always turning 'On'. They got the key switch to turn 'On' and suggested we use the large round On/Off switch on the front of the controller just above the fan intake. I put labels across the key switches (yes, both of them) and locked the keys up so nobody could get to them. We haven't had any additional problems since this was done. BTW, the tech told me he had worked for B&S for ~12 years and had never seen one of the round On/Off switches fail, but he said the key switches failed frequently.

    Hope this helps,

    Doug Wells


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      I am having the same problem, but only happen recently. My machine Global Image 9208, B3C controller. Recently the B&S visited and suggested us to replace a Controller card, however we haven't agree to them yet. As it cost us 10K. Currently we are looking for any alternative way to make the machine run.

      I will try your suggestion, and hope any body will give me more cost effective suggestion for this issue.


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        Check the hard drive inside the controller.
        We had the same problem on an older leitz controller.
        The hard drive was failing and when ********* couldnt find a replacement they "suggested" we replace the controller.
        £200 later after a quick internet search and a modified drive caddy we cloned the old one onto the new one and no problems since.
        BTW ******** wanted £15000 for a new controller.
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