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  • Change alignment in loop


    I have a program that measures on a pitch circle some nubs. After this measurenent, the same thing has to be measured, but on a smaller pitch circle. I have made the dimensions all variable, so I think I can throw it in a loop and change only the diameter, however, I also need to rotate all the alignment 30 degrees in the loop.

    Does anyone knows how to rotate the alignment in the loop?

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    You can use a loop parameter to modify the alignment each time through. . .

    or, I would save it to an external alignment, modify it each time, and recall it with the loop, as follows

    A1 - starting alignment
    Save A1 as external alignment
    Loop start
    Recall A1
    Measure stuff
    Rotate alignment 30 degrees
    Save A1 (again)
    Loop End


    • KIRBSTER269
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      This almost sounds like your route home, after to many drinks at the bar.

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    Haha, good one. Thanks for the answer. I'll try it this week!


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      I believe there is a checkbox in the F5 settings that fixes the "I rotate the alignment, but the CMM measures the same thing over and over"-problem -> TreatTheosAsStoredInPartCoordinates.

      Correct me if I'm wrong.
      PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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        You may want to recall "USE_ACTIVE_ALIGNMENT" at the beginning of the alignment so it will build on the existing alignment rotation with each iteration instead of recalling the alignment before the loop began.
        PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



        • MihaelR
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          At the beginning of the alignment? I do not fully understand it yet. Could you elobarate it more?

        • Schrocknroll
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          Instead of recalling a specific alignment you can recall the current active alignment. Drop the recall alignment menu in the alignment dialogue and one of the last options to recall should be this.

          Unless you're using a fairly old version of PC-DMIS this should be an option. It's available in 2013.

        • MihaelR
          MihaelR commented
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          Thanks, I understand it now. Will try it tomorrow!

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