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  • Using "JUMP HOLES"

    Using an Auto Feature Circle Scan around a diameter with drilled holes in it. Is it possible to jump holes? I see the option in the Path Definition tab, but does not seem to work like I need it too. Could be my old controller.
    jump hole.JPG
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    Determines whether or not the theoretical path should jump over holes and other hole-like features in the surface. When this option is set to TRUE (1), point data that does not lie within the selected surface (for example, hole features) will not appear in the Theoretical Path list and will be skipped during scan execution. When set to FALSE (0), the scan will scan into hole-like features.

    Note: This is used with all scan but Perimeter and Freeform.

    Entry Name: ScanDialogJumpHoles

    Entry Type: Whole Number specifying TRUE (1) or FALSE (0). The default value is 0.
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      Settings Editor?

    • Benedictj1
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      Found the value set to "0" in the settings editor. Chaned to one and will see if it helps.
      bigtallanddpoey - The probe path is showing the path line going into the holes but I wan to skip over them. that is a ring in the picture with a hole pattern in it's parameter and I wanted to be a little more efficient and try to scan the diameter. I will be back on this next week and will see what changes.

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    Is the probe actually going into the holes? I know when I use the jump holes option you can still see a line go through the holes on the graphics window but the probe does miss the holes.

    For some reason I cannot access the measurement strategies tab at the moment to see what options you have available to play around with.


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