2017 R1 SP1 for Pi day !

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  • 2017 R1 SP1 for Pi day !

    The 1st service pack is on on the ftp web site !
    Release Notes - 2017 R1 SP1
    • PCD-31966 - Fixed an issue where some critical formatting characters were improperly carried over from English into the Czech, Korean, and Spanish language packs. This issue may have caused PC-DMIS to stop working.
    • PCD-88628 - Added the Quick Start button to the QuickMeasure toolbar for the Tracker LeicaLMF interface.
    • PCD-96234 - Fixed the following issues:
    • If you double-clicked on the name of a measurement routine in Windows Explorer, PC-DMIS started but the measurement routine did not open.
    • If you used a command prompt window (cmd.exe) or batch file (.bat or .cmd) to start PC-DMIS, and passed the measurement routine's filename as a command line parameter to open it, PC-DMIS started but the measurement routine did not open.
    • PCD-100260 - Fixed a Tracker issue that occurred after you measured with a T-Probe and then loaded a reflector as the active probe. PC-DMIS incorrectly showed "Busy" mode when it performed a measurement with the reflector.
    • PCD-100976 - Fixed an issue where the functions could not be selected in the Pointcloud Operator dialog box if no COP object existed. Now, you can select the COPOPER functions and view settings even if no COP exists. A valid COP object must still exist before you can create a COPOPER command.
    • PCD-102421 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS did not properly save an imported CAD file in a measurement routine when the measurement routine was saved and then opened in a new revision of Teamcenter.
    • PCD-103860 - Fixed an issue where if the Exact Dimension option was enabled for pointcloud cross-sections, the lower (-Tolerance) levels of the dimension color scale were incorrectly set to the same color (the out-of-tolerance on the minus-side color). This was visible when the cross section slide show was enabled. The color scale now displays correctly.
    • PCD-105106 - Fixed an issue when calculating the Laser Flush and Gap auto feature at a given depth. It was possible, depending on the given depth and the mutual position of the master side and slave side, that relevant points were missed during execution. This caused the flush and gap to not be extracted.
    • PCD-106852 - Fixed an issue that caused PC-DMIS to stop working when you generated Microsoft Excel output.
    • PCD-107564 - Fixed an issue with the incorrect license being applied to the Amyuni driver while ensuring that the previous PDF printer device is removed and replaced.
    • PCD-108966 - Fixed an issue with the pointcloud Surface Colormap operation. Previously, if you selected the No data color check box in the Pointcloud Operator dialog box, the resulting color was always gray regardless of the color you selected. The color that you select is now correctly applied to areas of the CAD where there is no corresponding pointcloud data.
    • PCD-109439 - PC-DMIS 2017 R1 SP1 supports the RS4 Romer Integrated Scanner. If you use this scanner, Hexagon recommends that you enable the Line Filter option. To enable the option, select the Pointcloud Filtering Plane button on the Pointcloud
    PC-DMIS 2017 R1 SP1 Release Notes
    toolbar or QuickCloud toolbar; the Laser Data Collection Settings dialog box appears. Select the Line Filter check box in the dialog box.
    • PCD-109690 - Fixed an issue where the annotation points on the pointcloud surface colormap were displayed using the wrong colors when the Dimension Color Scale was set to 200%.
    • PCD-109978 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS stopped working during a edit operation after you closed the Find dialog box or Replace dialog box.
    • PCD-110947 - Fixed an issue where the Size dialog box did not appear in a monitor's viewing area when you changed monitors.
    • PCD-111612 - Fixed an issue where a Caliper gage could not be created through the "Constrain" axis method if the data was not aligned to a CAD model.
    • PCD-111613 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS did not save the value that you entered for the Nominal option on the Label/Reporting tab in the Gage dialog box when you created a Caliper gage without a CAD model.
    • PCD-111622 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS did not update the caliper label in the Graphic Display window when you typed a new ID in the Gage dialog box.
    • PCD-111895 - Fixed an issue where the Probe Utilities dialog box opened and was visible each time an Automation application represented a probe collection object due to the actual implementation. This may have caused the dialog box to flash with some applications that immediate hide, such as INSPECT. The dialog box no longer flashes when the probe collection object is represented and when the Application.MMSInspectConnected property is set to True.
    • PCD-112270 - Fixed an issue where the standard message "Do you want to make this ID the default?" did not appear when you changed the name of a caliper.
    • PCD-112334 - Fixed an issue where subroutines did not correctly pass variables back to the parent measurement routine.
    • PCD-112538 - Fixed an application error when the Ctrl+Left mouse button was used in the Edit window.
    • PCD-112580 - Fixed an issue where probing forces specified by a user with an OPTIONPROBE command in the measurement routine were not always used correctly during VFT (Vibration Free Transmission) style of probe calibration.
    • PCD-113260 - Fixed an issue where section scans were created with a different number of hits than expected.
    • PCD-113315 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS appeared to stop working while tessellating surfaces and the NX DCI appeared to stopped working under certain conditions. This affected a small number of files.
    • PCD-113475, PCD-114066 - Fixed an issue where text in the What's New dialog box was not localized.
    • PCD-113891 - Fixed an issue where the part model and probe transparency options on the Lighting and Material tabs in the CAD and Graphic Setup dialog box did not work correctly.
    Release Notes - 2017 R1 SP1
    • PCD-113960 - Fixed an issue where the Pointcloud cross section feature moved at twice the value of the translation when a Pointcloud cross section within a LOOP command with coordinate translation was used.
    • PCD-113966 - Fixed an issue where the Romer integrated scanner stopped working when you started a scan in the PC-DMIS Swedish language pack. Also fixed an issue where the measurement routine would not execute when you created an Inspection Plan in the English language and then changed the language to Italian or another language.
    • PCD-114373 - Fixed an issue where clicking on an FCF dimension embedded in the CAD model after it had been used previously would cause an application crash.
    • PCD-114640 - Fixed an issue with the depth for the contact "find hole" property when the measurement routine's unit of measure was INCH.
    • PCD-114641 - Fixed an issue where a part was incomplete when an NX assembly was loaded.
    • PCD-114731 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS incorrectly hid the pointcloud after each scan pass when you re-executed an Inspection Plan that had a Pointcloud Surface Colormap. The complete pointcloud now appears when you re-execute an Inspection Plan.
    • PCDNC-1431 - Added a tooltip to the Execute Journal File dialog box so that you can view the entire part name.
    • PCDNC-2011 - Fixed a looping issue in the NCFanuc interface.
    • PCDNC-2049 - Fixed an issue where the PC-DMIS NC installation directories were not created by default.
    • PCDNC-2057 - CTRLRDEFAULTS.dll no longer needs to be registered before starting CNCServer.

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    Originally posted by JEFMAN View Post
    The 1st service pack is on on the ftp web site !

    • PCD-114640 - Fixed an issue with the depth for the contact "find hole" property when the measurement routine's unit of measure was INCH.
    I was patiently waiting for this fix....


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      I'm sure you were waiting, Patiently? I doubt it.

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      Maybe I should of put patiently in quotes.

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    Nothing about what I was patiently waiting for...


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      What fix are you waiting for JEFMAN?

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    I'd like measuring with the rotary and the cmmve, the rotary and the cms106...
    For the cmmve + rotary, my only solution is 2014.1.....