Profile of a surface vs. profile of a line?

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  • Profile of a surface vs. profile of a line?

    We have a customer that usually puts FCF’s on the various surfaces they want checked that have tighter tolerances, and then a .020” surface profile to the datums on everything that isn’t specifically marked.

    On parts that are thin (~.125”) they usually give a .040” profile of a line to the datums. I generally use CONSTRUCTED FEATURE SETS and apply profile of a line.

    On one of these “thin” parts they have added significant height (~2”) to some on the surfaces creating vertical walls with form on top. However, they have kept the profile of a line callout, and left out the surface profile callout option. I can’t deviate from that.

    So my questions are:

    Is profile of a line a 2D measurement? The top surfaces of the walls have detail; do I need to change the working plane to a side view?

    If I have a bunch of hits on the sidewalls (at various heights) that I would usually construct into a CONSTRUCTED FEATURE SET and apply a surface profile, can I just apply profile of a line?
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    ASME Y14.5-2009 - A profile of a line tolerance is a geometric tolerance that establishes a two-dimensional tolerance zone that is normal to the true profile at each line element... ....Since profile of a line is two-dimensional, it only applies in the view in which it is shown.

    Not sure if that helps, but a snippet of the print and\or code too would help. HTH
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      Yup, you need to be in the appropriate workplane when dealing with Profile of a Line.
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