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    I have been reading up on the forum to get my information. Most important is never alig without rotate.I rotate in my Rough alignment, do I have to rotate in the DCC alignment as well and do the features and axis have to be the same as Rough alignment ?
    Secondly what is the meaning of Bounded / Unbounded & Yes / No toggle.
    Thank you

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    Your first alignment is basically just telling the machine where the part is.

    Your DCC alignment does need to be leveled and rotated to the proper Datums. Doesn't have to be the same as the rough alignment.

    Not sure about the bounded/unbounded.


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      Going from the MANUAL to the DCC alignments... You should use the same features on the actual part ( plane , line, point, ) but the actual DMIS FEATURES must be different. You dont have to use the same features but for simplicity my alignments are usually identical. I create the manual , copy past the features , rename them and create the DCC. The only place in a program where any of the manual alignment features are referenced or used must only be in the MANUAL ALIGNMENT, If you use them any where else in the program you have made a grave mistake. I have had multiple programs that I inherited over the years that would only check " good" when you did a manual alignment. The 2nd part and so on would always fail position callouts. After digging around only to find a manual alignment feature used again or the actual manual alignment recalled in the program


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        Bounded line is one that is 'fixed' length. Determined by the 'length' that is inputed.


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          Thanks guys for the useful information. I will modify the old alignments as now I have a better idea on how to do proper alignments.


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