Probe head removal for cable replacement

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  • Probe head removal for cable replacement

    We need to replace a cable from the probe head controller to the probe, which is a ph10t renishaw. We may have to lossen and or remove the probe head to connect this cable- my question is if need to remove the probe head or in anyway move it to get to this cable - will we need to get the probe head calibrated and the machine calibrated at that point? The machine is a d-28 discovery 2 sheffield
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    I would square up the head and re-calibrate all your probes.


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      No. There is a set screw on the right side that will allow the head to slide down. All we did to square the head back up was to get a standoff with a pin and rotate the head so it was at a 90° angle. Line up the tip of the probe to the pin, lock the axis, and rotate 180° and swing the probe to the other side of the pin and see if it lines up. If not, then loosen the set screw and try again until the probe is lined up equally when the head rotates.

      After this, then calibrate all tips.


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        Not sure of the machine hardware, but the PH10T is not a quill mount, it mounts on the bottom of the quill, not inside it.

        Swapping out a PH9/10 head does NOT require any machine calibration, nor does the head get calibrated. You will have to re-calibrate your probes, and you should be doing this anyway. Every day, every week, all depending on the rest of the probing hardware you have. ANY time you un-screw a probing component and screw in a new one, you have to calibrate the probes.
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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