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  • calibration Error

    Hello lads,

    I am having the following two problems for past two days.

    I Am using 2013 MR1, PH10 SP25 & the styli length was 2by50 mm

    Problem 1:

    Encountering the following error :
    ERROR CE ,S%1 ,TR_CE .0X1400003f Weight Balance routine timed out

    It happens during partial calibration after the probe rotates.
    In the program that uses 7 probe changes, it only happens on one of the probe builds.
    The probe rotates from A0B0 to A45B0 to A45B-180 to A45B-90 to A45B90 to A90B0 to A90B-180.
    Nothing hits it, the probe is at the clearance plane and clear of any obstructions.

    Problem 2:

    Encountering the following error during full (scan) calibration
    ERROR CE ,S%1, TR CE, 0X14000033 PROBE UNSEATED after the rectract movement.
    the above error wasb poping out at last wrist angle rotation.

    Both error are showing in same program at diffetent wrist angle change

    I've been browsing this forum for past couple of days, unfortunately ain't got what i expect.

    Any ideas are much appreciated.
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    which module are you using? SH25-1, SH25-2? etc.

    If it is the SH25-1 it could be that the stylus is too long, although it does state that it can use a 50mm long stylus.


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      On the first problem I do no t have any idea what to say but on the second problem i can suggest you change the magnetic touch trigger module. i had a similar issue on my CMM and after changing the touch trigger the problem was gone.
      I hope this helps.


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      1) Check probe options settings - ensure they are (still) correct for your probe/controller configuration
      2) Delete and rebuild the probe files - There is a VERY good chance they have been corrupted. (We don't call it the Demon for nothing.)
      3) Did your operating system do any automatic updates between the time things were working fine and they went kablooey? If so, there might be a conflict/issue and if there is Hexagon might know the cure.
      4) If you have valid SMA so they will deign to talk to you, check with Hexagon tech support to verify your firmware is up to date - newer firmware might be needed newer windoze updates (Sorta grasping at straws by this point.)

      Mostly likely it is #1 or 2 in that list.

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      • Schlag
        Schlag commented
        Editing a comment
        Try #2 like Wes said. If you have a ton of angles for that probe, just start out with the angles that are giving you problems. If that fixes it, add all the angles you need and then calibrate the whole angle list. Could save some time if that's not the issue.

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