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    Just curious, whenever I use auto circle to measure an OD (stud), I always control where it hits on the circle by changing depth to a negative number to measure below the zero surface or a positive number for measuring above the zero surface. My question is, where does the box height come into play, I've never used it. If I can control my hits with depth (negative or positive), what is the benifits for using height to control this or does it matter. Not a show stopper, just curious since I have never used it.


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    It takes a hit on top of the stud
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      If you use stud hieght, 1) it takes a hit on top of the stud, 2) it will take your sample hits to desired distance from center (if selected) 3) it will go up from the surface what ever you put in, if you put in a negitive it will drive into the surface. So yes it would elimante the need for a negitive input.
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        Great, thanks .... I could see where I might need to use this feature. I can't believe all the simple things that I have never used before. Someone asked me what it was for and I could not answer him.

        Thanks again


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          Justv give them the same answer Wilcox give out... WAD,(works as designed), of course nobody knows what that design is!
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            I use it all the time for sample hits around stud on the fixture. As Jeff and Paul said, it takes hits on the stud and around it


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