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  • If/then

    I recently switched from 3.7 MR2 to 3.7 MR3 now the programs with if/then statments in them go right on past to the end/if even when the condition is met and I want to run the section and click on 'YES' as the statement was intended to allow me to skip.

    I have several programs where I wrote these statements so I could run different options with the same part to inspect it thru out the machining process, for example I have a part about 2 inches thick 2 feet wide and 4 feet long with features machined in the A0B0 orientaion and then working around the sides at various A90B0 to 180 positions depending on if the side holes were drilled yet or not. That missing step is caused by the machine time on the floor requiring the operators to by-pass one operation and go on to the next before drilling the side holes then they submit for inspection without the side holes so I need the capability to by-pass if their not there yet. I really don't want to edit each program into several different operations. I just got the operators all trained on how to use the If/then's and I sure don't want to have to have too many choices and end up with them runing the wrong program when a simple click on the right icon will sufice.

    I can be reached by cell if you have any good advice or know the simple step I missed when loading 3.7 MR3

    [email protected]
    Cell 269-271-4495

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    Hmmm. Sounds like a bug that may require a work-around. I wish I could help but I haven't done any IF/THEN statements since upgrading from 3.5Mr2...
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      Try retyping your variables in the loop statements.
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