I can't update PCDMIS

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  • I can't update PCDMIS

    What's the problem? I dont get this message..


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    well by the looks of it you havnt updated your SMA since 21/5/2010. Meaning you can only install versions of pcdmis upto that date.

    If that isn't the case you may need to ring hexagon


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      You could try downloading from ftp://ftp.wilcoxassoc.com/PC-DMIS-Ve...lease/2016/SP5 and install that instead. It looks like the auto updater program is not fond of licenses/portlocks that has ever had a lapse in the SMA, although the 'normal' installation should work if you have a current SMA.
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        We'll fix that as soon as we can.


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          Originally posted by zeljko View Post
          What's the problem? I dont get this message..

          I don't understand. Are you current with SMA? That screen seems to indicate you are not current. . .

          Also, is it a type when you say you DONT get this message?


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            I updated this morning, software is working just fine for me so far.
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              If the SMA on the license is 31/5/2010 as stated in the webupdater screen shot, then the message is correct. You would not be able to launch 2016 or update to any SP.
              The SMA date would need to be 23/6/2016 or later.


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                another question, based on the image, I suppose you ran 2016 (SP4??) to get this message. Did you alter the time and/or date on the PC? Perhaps its related to Daylight savings time? This has been seen to have an adverse effect on licensing Automatic time changes are typically fine, but when you manually alter the computer clock it is seen as an attempt to circumvent licensing. Could that possibly be the cause here?

                zeljko Please follow up with some details on this issue
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