Error on reporting in pcdmis 2016

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  • Error on reporting in pcdmis 2016


    i have a huge problem. When i want to edit my graphical report (cad only, landscape), when scrolling or when rearranging measurements, i get pcdmis to stop working; without saving, without chance to save. It's annoying, it's happens all the time. I noticed that my default printer (lexmark) always changes in pcdmis 50 converter, and i think that's the problem, but i don't know why. If someone know, or if it's a bug, i'll be thankful for answer.

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    Is this a Custom Report? If so, there was a bug (PCD-99364, reported by me) that crashed PC-DMIS when scrolling. This bug was fixed in 2016 SP2. Which SP are you running?
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      I've only added tracefield variable in this report, nothing else.. I'll try to remove, to see what will happen. Im using 2016 sp4

      I tried to reset custom report, everything is default now, but still i get this error..
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