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    Question with PC-DMIS and cylindricity. Does PC-DMIS treat cylindricity just like roundness?? I understand the GD+T standard as cyindricity to control roundess, straightness and taper along a cylinder. Correct??

    We are having a disagreement here, another operator says cylindricity is really the difference between the min and max of the diameter of the cylinder.

    That sounds really wrong to me, am I crazy??

    Thanks in advance.

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    Cylindricity is a composite control of form that includes circularity, staightness, and taper of a cylindrical feature.
    1 note:
    The tolerance size is 1 radius larger than the other that the feature's surface must lie within (not diameter -RADIUS)
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      You are correct,cylindricity is a very tough callout.I dont belive pc-dmis will figure this correctly.


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        Cylindricity is a blanket tolerance zone of form. For example, you have a .005 cylindricity call-out on a drawing, that means the entire feature must fall within that .005 zone both lengthwise & circular. It's similar to roundness, but covers the entire feature including taper.


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