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    Running PC DMIS 2016 CAD ++ MR4...

    When I initially import a model and click to put an autofeature, I can see my probe in my graphic window. As I start building features to make an alignment, I understand that the probe will appear for a second and then disappear until the alignment is complete, and that is to show me that the 6 DOF are not constrained yet.

    My question: When I make my final alignment where I know for a fact that the 6 DOF are constrained, my probe still flickers on and off in my graphic window. I have to save my program, close it, and open it back up in order for my probe to no longer flicker on and off. Has anyone else encountered this?

    Video card and drivers are all up to date as well as proper to be used with this release of PC DMIS. Graphically, PC DMIS is working smoother than it ever has for me except for this one thing.

    Any ideas?

    SF7107(PCD), SF454(PCD), 152614(Quindos), 9159(Quindos), 7107(Quindos), B&S Manual, M&M Gear Checker

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