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  • True position of Cylinder

    I have a customer that wants to know if the true position of a cylinder only measures the location of the cylinder or does it take the perpendicularity of the full length of the cylinder in to consideration? He has a formula he wants to use, but I told him,I think that's what PcDmis does that already. Am I right? I am using 2015 mr1 Xact measure

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    If using Xactmeasure it considers the whole cylinder and reports the worst case of that cylinder.
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      PC-DMIS in exact measure reports the worst condition by default.
      In Legacy reporting you get to choose the Average , Worst or "beginning" and "end" of a cylinder.
      There may be a better way to explain all this but my understanding is that a cylinder is a feature of size that the entire length of the feature needs it's axis (all points on axis) in tolerance as FCF defines the location specification. This means the perpendicularity or // to relative datum FCF is included in the calculations.


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        Thanks Guys


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