maybe a dumb question, but.....

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  • maybe a dumb question, but.....

    I know I know... it's only the question you don't ask that's the dumb question..... however....

    I got asked today at the start of my shift if there is any way I can, given a print, write a part program to check some dimensions, if I don't have an actual part, and don't have a cad file. Just the print.

    I'm saying "no", unless someone knows something I don't?? (there are a lot of things I don't know still).


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    As long as you know the XYZIJK nominals for all features you want to check, either from PRINT or CAD, you can program without a physical part. If working from a print, you just have to type everything in.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      Matt is correct, BUT, if you have no kind of reference, part, or cad, it can prove to be quite a task. An exercise in futility possibly....If the part is very simple and fairly flat, I could see that working ok, but vectors will be tough.

      If I were you, I would say "No". If you say Yes, it might come back to haunt you.I program off line all the time, to a cad model and its tough enough at times.
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        thanks guys... yeah I said no to them... I sorta kinda understand the xyzijk, but not enough to try and do anything real with it. they'll just have to wait till they get a part... we're backed up on work here, so if they can have something appear overnight (I'm overnight-shift) then it's great, and I'm really happy to do it, however there's much stuff I don't do... yet.

        Kevin N. Thompson - Thompson Digital Image
        Quality Manager - Rj Link International


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          You can program offline using your Auto Features. Like Matt said, type all of the info. in. X, Y, Z, & I,J,K. Vectors are simply the sine and cosine of the angles you're driving in at. But then again, everything has a vector, including your probe tips.

          Once you understand your vectors and how to use them, a whole new world will be at your fingertips. And I actually found it faster to program without a part than with a part. I rarely ever had a model to program from.


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            It is easier than you think to program offline. I program almost 80% of my work offline and 80% of that is without CAD.

            You have to prepare and plan your work before even starting. Determine part orientation and placement on the CMM. Start with the manual steps and alignment that will get you to the initial datums, then program all of your DCC measurements and moves as if the origin already matches your initial drawing datums. Use clearplanes for moves between features. It will grow and improve your 3D Spacial awareness. It is fun and makes you think.
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