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  • Gray screen when measuring

    Using ver 3.7mr3, I have cad. I create auto features by clicking on the cad surface. then i create the points with the measure box not checked. I then use either Ctrl-U or Ctrl-l to send the points out to be measured. Up until yesterday I could see my edit and graphics windows ( and the probe) while the machine measured the points. Now the entire screen goes gray except for the Probe readout and Execution Mode options windows. When the points have been measured the screen comes back to normal. I don't think I have changed any settings. I am the only one who runs the machine. Also if I have the measure box checked and do the points individually the screen reacts normally.
    Any and all thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. This is not a huge problem because all my measurements are Ok, it's just annoying!

    Thank You,

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    Not a clue, sorry............An exorcism might be in order
    sigpic.....Its called golf because all the other 4 letter words were taken


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      Maybe you just have the edit window minimized?
      sigpicIt's corona time!
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        We see this all the time in V3.7 MR-2.
        Sometimes you can goto View and add graphics window while the program is executing.


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