building a probe unit.. Probe discription!

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  • building a probe unit.. Probe discription!

    I'm having a problem finding a certain pc. of hardware on the probe build drop down list... Starting with the HHA M5 head... That's fine.( it show's the whole head on the probe description graphics ) next comes a pc (extension I believe.. HP - TB I can not find this part in the drop down box.. the closest thing it shows is: HP - TM - B. it does resemble what I have on the probe head, but it's not the right numbers... all the rest of the probe parts are the right numbers and design when I build it.. Modules and probes etc.... Am I missing something?? Thank You all!!
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    Is your probe fixed or it's a two piece detachable? If it's detachable maybe the HP-TB is the probe body and you need to select the module first (i.e. HP-TM-SF)
    I hope it helps.
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      Tesastar body? or Tesastar Body US. A picture is worth 1000 words (or posts)
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