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    Hi all , What is data page+?

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    It's a SPC (Statistical process control) software, made by hexagon to work with PC-Dmis but it could function with other systems also (might not be as seamless as integration with PC-Dmis).

    From what I saw of it (I used to work for Hex) it can do some other cool stuff for reporting and archiving data, with some nice features to share and distribute inspection data also.

    I thought it was okay but I think the general opinion is it has issues and (for all it's attempts to look pretty and modern) is a bit rubbish in terms of UI.

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      As NInja said, it is a software that takes certain types of CMM outputs and lets you make reports, and do other SPC stuff with the data.

      It is not the best out there, but it is also not the worst.
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        Thank you for your reply, it was helpful


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          We have Data page and use it almost every day, its awesome! Once we made a certain format of our Data Page output a "Controlled Document" with a rev letter and release date and added it to our QMS, it cut quality documentation time down considerably. The higher ups and the inspectors love it and its really easy to use/figure out.
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          • VinniUSMC
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            DataPage+ ?!?! (DP+ makes me want to smash my head through a wall, every time I sit down to use it).

            Or DataPage RT, the older version?

          • DAN_M
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            We run Datapage + 2012, works great

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